What are you afraid of?

Advent teaches us that the Lord is close at hand — and calms our fears I'm embarrassed to say that I used to be afraid of Mr. Bingle. Each Christmas shopping season back in the '50s, Lowenstein's department store featured the diminutive snowman puppet with a high-pitched voice who encouraged…

Let 'cloud of witnesses' bring inspiration, strength

Our deceased loved ones are safely in God's loving hands In these November days, as we look out our windows and walk the streets watching leaves fall against the backdrop of a wet, gray sky, the Church reminds us that as Christians we are full of hope. Why, during what…

Beatitudes: the heart of Jesus’ teaching

These blessings stretch our hearts and behavior to their fullest potential "We all want to live happily; in the whole human race there is no one who does not assent to this proposition, even before it is fully articulated.”

We cast the seed, ‘God gives the increase’

The world’s first building designed from scratch to serve as a broadcasting center was Broadcasting House, the head-quarters of the BBC in London, which opened in 1932. The back wall of its entrance hall features a huge sculpture by celebrated British stone-carver Eric Gill with a decidedly Christian inspiration.

‘First freedom’ existed before the state

Over the past several years, many religious leaders in the United States, and most especially Catholic bishops, have spoken out about real threats to religious freedom in our country and around the world. Those threats continue, and we bishops have announced the observance of a second “Fortnight for Freedom,” June…

Put life’s timeless lessons into practice

Dear class of 2013,In the past weeks I have spoken to many of you about the days to come, especially about the day to come: Graduation Day. It’s a day to which you look forward with excitement and anticipation, a day which speaks of things past, things to come and…

Loved ones never 'removed'

I have never understood what it means to be “once removed.” Born into a large family, I know about cousins and second cousins; beyond that, I am easily confused. But apparently I have many more cousins “once or twice removed” than I ever dreamed.

Pope Francis leads us with Christ to the Father

One of my prized possessions is the yellowed front page of an old newspaper. Carefully preserved by my father the August 15, 1945, edition of The Oklahoman proclaims “PEACE!” in bright red letters 6 inches tall. It was the end of World War II, at long last a time for…